I was in New York for a convention and spent the off time walking around.  By walking around, I mean all over the place.  I probably walked about 18 miles the whole time I was there (some of that includes time walking at the convention).  On the second day, I headed down to the 9/11 Memorial site.  I had been to New York about 5 years ago while things were still heavily under construction, so it was nice to see things completed.  For those that haven’t been, it is a must see destination.  Even if you come to New York for no other reason, you must go by the 9/11 Memorial.  It is extremely well done.  There are honestly few words that can describe it, you must feel it.

After the memorial, I headed down towards the Battery Park area.  I actually had come out of the memorial in time for an insanely colored sunset that silhouetted the Statue of Liberty.  The last few images are essentially the view from my hotel room, though I took them outside so I didn’t have to compete with the room window.