About Me

This page is for those that are interested in who I am and where I came from.

It all started way back when I was about 12.  My older brother (Isn’t there always an older brother in stories like this?) came home from high school talking about this photography class he was taking.  Well, I just had to be apart of it.  I can’t really remember where, but I picked up an old 35mm Pentax SLR.  I do not recall the model or the lenses I had for it, but it was a fairly simple manual camera.  Sure, it gave me small amount of information, but it was a manual camera.  Wow, was it an expensive hobby with a high rate of failure.  Fortunately, my dad had an interest in photography from when he was my age and through the college years, so he got to live vicariously through my brother and I, which helped with the cost of film.  We shot in black and white which allowed us to develop our images near instantly and see the results of our last session.  I think that is where I got my love for Ansel Adams and an appreciation for the camera technology of his era along with why photography can be so difficult.  As my brother graduated high school, my interest in photography waned and I took a hiatus.

Oh sure, I never completely put down the camera.  I still had a SLR of some sort with a simple basic lens and still took photographs, but they were more of remembering the moment than photography as an art.  When I got into college, I ended up in the North Georgia mountains where every sunrise, sunset, and everything in between was begging for me to take it’s picture.  I rehashed my love for black and white film and was able to talk a local film development company to dust off the black and white development system to develop my photos.  Sadly, many were still trash, but I did have a few that turned out nicely.

By this time, Canon had released their Rebel series Digital SLR cameras.  Wow, the cost of entry was high, but my processing of film would plummet.  Budget still tight, I picked up a Canon Rebel 300D and with the kit lens, started into the digital realm.  This was a hobby and I was cool since I had a DSLR, I began taking pictures, lots of pictures.  However, they were pictures with no purpose or learning behind them.  By 2005-2006, my future brother-in-law began his youth cycling career and the team needed a photographer.  Well, they didn’t really need one, but I felt they did.  Plus, that whole cool factor and I got to go in places that no one else could, giving me a fantastic vantage point of the race course.  It was then that I really started my photography career with a purpose behind the picture.  Composure, lighting, motion-blur, and many other photography elements became premeditated, not an accident.

Fast forward to the last 6 years of my life which included a wife, travel to the Caribbean and Latin America, a couple of children, pets, friends, in-laws, and nieces/nephews, and my images have additional purpose.

I hope you enjoy how I see things.