For those that order/purchase a new BMW, one that isn’t on a dealer lot, you have a couple delivery options.  The first is the regular pick up at the dealer, which is basically that, you pick your car up at the dealer your ordered it through.  The second option is picking it up in Spartanburg, SC via the Performance Driving Center.  This gets you 2-ish hours of one on one consultation with a product specialist, a tour of the production facility, the Zentrum BMW Museum, and depending on what you ordered, exposure to your vehicle’s capabilities on the Off Road course (for X series vehicles) or on the track (for the traditional car models).  You also get dinner the night before, hotel room, breakfast, and lunch, all paid for by BMW.  The third is a European delivery, where you fly to Germany take delivery of your new car, drive around Europe for a little bit, then drop it back off at a port where it is shipped to your dealer or the Spartanburg plant.

I recently had the privilege of attending the Spartanburg Delivery when my dad picked up his new 320i.  Let me tell you, this is unlike any other new car delivery process I have ever had the chance to hear about or witness.  Heck, even the descriptions that other customers have put online do not do it justice.  I highly recommend that you at least do the Spartanburg delivery if you are able to.  Since they are reworking the plant to make room for the X4 and the newly announced X7, we weren’t able to go through the tour of the plant.  They supplemented that with a voucher for a future tour and a run around the off-road course in a X-model car, in our case, a X3.

Taking Delivery