My hotel was just north of Hoboken, strategically placed for two reasons: 1) The ferry to take me across the river to NYC and 2) easy walking distance of Carlo’s Bakery.  After watching enough episodes of Cake Boss and hearing all the reviews of how good things taste, why not give it a try.  What I saw of Hoboken, it was a very pretty city.  It has a small town main street look and feel all under the shadow of a major metropolitan city.  The water front was gorgeous and had equally impressive views of NYC.  If you are in the area, it’s worth checking it out and stopping in at Carlo’s Baker.  You hear stories of the huge lines, but I walked right on in to be greeted by about 4 other customers and many of the same people you see on TV.  I am sure the fact that it was in the mid-20’s, windy, and around 11am on a Wednesday helped reduce the line.  I’m not complaining.