Last night there was a meteor shower and Georgia was supposed to be in a good spot to be able to see it.  We live North of Atlanta but there are still some big cities around and the light pollution is still fairly decent.  I know of a spot just North of Jasper that would be a good safe spot to stop, watch, and take some pictures.  Everyone said between 2 and 4am was going to be the best time, so alarm set for 1:30, out the door by 1:45 and setup by about 2:15ish.  While it was a very clear night and we were a decent distance away from any lights, there just did not seem to be that much activity.  The wife and kids said they saw a few, I must have been tinkering with the camera too much, all I saw were a lot of stars and plenty of lightening bugs.  Oh well, it gave me the opportunity to play with long exposure images, something I oddly hadn’t done before.